Washington’s Whiskey

It is not widely known that George Washington made and sold Scotch whiskey to raise cash after his presidency.  He was short of cash to run the farm and provide for his family.  The endeavor was a smashing success.  The distillery became one of the largest in the United States at the time.

The Days

I love thinking about things we take for granted (when I remember).  Have you ever thought of the days of the week?

Here they are:

Monday       Moon day

Tuesday       Tyr’s day.  Tyr was the one armed Norse god associated with single combat.

Wednesday  Wodin’s day.  The ruler of the Norse god’s realm.  Also Odin.

Thursday     Thor’s day.  Okay, you got that one.

Friday          Frigga’s day. The wife of Wodin.  Pretty nifty women’s equality.

Saturday      Saturn’s day

Sunday        Sun’s day


This from Robert Browning (everyone knows the first part):

If a man’s reach does not exceed his grasp, what is heaven for?

And this:

Browning was teaching a class one day and a woman raised her hand.  “Professor Browning,” she said.  “I love your poetry and I have read all your poems.  There is one line, however, I just don’t understand.”  She quoted the line.  “Can you tell me what you meant?”

Browning considered the question for a moment.  Then he said, “You know, when I wrote that line only God and I knew what it meant.”  He paused, then continued, “Now only God knows.”


The term “four-flusher” originally meant a card cheat on a river boat who would claim a poker pot by showing four cards of a suit, with a fifth card of another suit hidden behind the other four.